Current financial management system



The organization current financial management system has been operating in the following rules & regulation as stated below: All the financial transaction made through depends on self financial management guideline produce by SEDA itself.
  • Sources of fund/Income categories: Admission fees, local donation, Chairman & other members contribution, members subscriptions, donation from local & foreign agency, loan receive from local bank ( Private or Govt. or any other financial institutions), project fund, project income, Bank interest, service charge, income from investment and others income etc.
  • Expenditure categories: Office rent, telephone/Internet/Mobile, electricity, Postage Charge, furniture and fixture, office stationary and printing, staff salary & benefits, training fees, audit fees, administrative cost, local travels, office equipment, cycle/motor cycle purchase, other necessary items.
When any project/program completed during the stipulated period then the E.C seat for taking decision to select the nominate audit firm through giving an appointment letter. The audit firm makes response to organization by letter for audit schedule. The E.C ask the department finance for prepare and ready financial closing and authority signing. The Audit firm come and audited books of accounts as per self-financial management guideline followed and go through pages, records and evidence voucher, bill & other relevant documents for measure accuracy. Then a draft audit report present to the organization authority for proper recommendation & approval. After approval the audit firm places a final report for donor presentation.