Our Goal, Mission & Vision


Socio Economic Development Alliance

The goal of SEDA is to improve the socio economic status of the disadvantaged people. To promote the socio economic status of under privileged men, women, adolescent, children including disabled persons both urban and rural through motivation, peoples manpower, water and soil. To achieve the aims of SEDA focuses on two fundamental inter-related objectives, which are alleviation of poverty and empowerment to powerless people.


Socio Economic Development Alliance

An environment friendly, biodiversity, rich, enlighten, discrimination free secular democratic and just society where people of different ages gender, religion, caste and communities will enjoy their human rights equally.


Socio Economic Development Alliance

Positive change of life of the person with disability, poor fisher folk, tea garden people, out of education children, ethnic minority, rural poor and the people of hawor dominated area. SEDA is committed to mainstreaming the backward community through mobilizing the people for taking steps against superstitions, social justice, discrimination, corruption and abuse to ensure basic human rights and increase accessibility to the public resources, besides develop skill working team and working strategy. SEDA desire to make the organization financially and structurally strong ensuring optimum utilization of public and private resources as well as collecting resources from internal and external sources. SEDA is committed to ensure peoples participation, develop participatory decision making process and implementation for the environment friendly socio economic development of the targeted people, improving quality of work and mobilize peoples support for reaching the goal are the mission of SEDA.