Management practices



SEDA Management Practices

SEDA has been governed by a General Council (GC) comprises of twenty one members which is the highest policy making body. The committee usually meets once in a year. An Executive Committee (EC) comprises of seven members has been elected through voice voting for three years which look after the entire management of the organization. The members of the Executive Committee meet once in every two months to formulate policy decision, review and approve the budget expenditures, finalizing the plans and monitoring the progress of the ongoing programme activities.
In addition SEDA has also an Advisory Committee comprises of five members to advise the Chairman for proper implementation. The Chairman materializes the decisions of the Advisory Committee through thirteen permanent staff members, twenty volunteers, twenty two teachers who are experienced, skilled and trained in the different fields of development.
  • The member of SEDA believes in democracy in practice.
  • The Chairman of the organization shall be primarily responsible for implementing the multi-directed activities of SEDA through its staff member.
  • The Chairman of SEDA meets every week with the programme staffs to review the ongoing activities. The activity summary is being presented in the meeting of the Executive Committee by the Chairman for information and necessary approval.
  • The Executive committee selected through voting by general members for a period of three years.
  • Annual General meeting (AGM) is held on regular basis.